• The International Family Law

    The International Family Law Group LLP is a solicitor's practice looking after the
    interests of families and children with a specific focus on international families – those
    who travel, live and have connections in different countries around the world.

    Our team includes specialist accredited English lawyers, family and civil mediators,
    collaborative lawyers, arbitrators, and we work closely with a network of specialist
    family lawyers around the world. We resolve our cases through a sensitive, proactive,
    settlement-focused and conciliatory approach.

    Our expertise includes the financial aspects of relationship breakdown and we act for
    many high net worth individuals with global and complex assets.


Separation & Divorce read more

There are many different issues arising on separation, divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships, especially if you are part of an international family with connections to more than one country.

Finances read more

Resolving financial matters following your separation can be one of the more difficult areas to agree with your husband or wife or civil partner, made more complex if different jurisdictions are involved.

Children read more

When an adult relationship breaks down children are often caught in the middle. When parents are unable to agree on their child's care we can provide specialist legal advice and practical guidance.

Child Abduction read more

When one parent takes or keeps a child abroad without the permission of the other parent (or those with parental responsibility), time is of the essence and speedy legal advice is vital.

Family Mediation & Dispute Resolution read more

There are various forms of dispute resolution which help parents, couples and others resolve their family disputes without going to court, retaining access to quality and reassuring legal advice.

Relationship Agreements read more

Increasingly more couples wish to enter into agreements to regulate financial matters should their relationship end - but requirements vary from country to country.

Prepared by iFLG to help individuals and couples understand their status and rights on entering into relationships and on relationship breakdown


Prepared by iFLG to help individuals and couples work towards a fair financial settlement on divorce & dissolution



Prepared by iFLG to help individuals and couples towards reaching a settlement