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Top Ten Myths in International Family Law

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about international family law issues. Here is our top 10:

Commentary on the House of Commons Justice Committee Report on implications of Brexit for the justice system



Replacing the Apostille – an overhaul of legalisation in the EU

The present method for public documents to be authenticated for the purposes of being presented to a foreign jurisdiction is by way of an Apostille, a certificate of legal authenticity. An Apostille certificate is issued by government, attached to a legal document and confirms that the stamp, seal or signature on that document is genuine.  It can be a fairly complicated process.

The process is found in the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 and EU regulation 1024/2012

iFLG sets up Brexit family law helpdesk

The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG) have today launched a free Brexit family law helpdesk to provide information for family lawyers here and abroad and those involved in family court proceedings about the impact of Brexit on family law.

Brexit and national family law

This note sets out some preliminary reflections on the impact on domestic, national family law of the UK voting to leave the EU.

Brexit and international family law

This note sets out some preliminary reflections on the impact on international family law of the UK voting, by a close majority, to leave the EU.

Hannah Budd appears on BBC Breakfast and BBC Look East

Hannah Budd, partner of The International Family Law Group LLP, appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to discuss issues in relation to issues of international adoption.

Hannah was asked to comment on the potential costs associated with the international adoption of two orphaned children living in England whose maternal aunt lives in California. The story was originally featured on BBC Look East.