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Top Ten Myths in International Family Law

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about international family law issues. Here is our top 10:

Polyamorous Relationships: Is three a crowd?

The traditional view of marriage has come into the spotlight again as three men in Columbia have officially recorded that they are living together as a ‘throuple’.

A Culture of Change: Family Law and Inter-Ethnic Families

We have seen a change in the demography of our society with the increase in families of mixed ethnicities in recent years. Free movement of workers within the EU, coupled with international reciprocal arrangements allowing for the emigration of individuals from many different and varied nations, has created fascinating melting pots of cultures, languages and religions across the UK. It remains to be seen how Brexit will impact this trend.

Jurisdiction for divorce for same-sex marriages


What should be the necessary connection, jurisdiction, should a country have with a couple in order to deal with a same sex divorce?

Should it be the same for heterosexual divorce? Yes of course as it is all the same concept of marriage and there should be no discrimination.

Law Commission adopts iFLG proposals on law reform for pension sharing after foreign court orders

by David Hodson and Michael Allum 

PRESS RELEASE: Leading International Family Law Firm Launches New Digital Tool To Help Demystify The Law

A London based law firm The International Family Law Group LLP has launched two new, free, Web-Apps to assist individuals involved in family breakdown understand their rights, whatever relationship they may be in, and to help work towards a financial settlement. 

Turkey signs 1996 and 2007 Hague Conventions

On Friday 7 October 2016 Turkey signed and deposited its instrument of ratification to the 1996 Hague Child Protection Convention and to the 2007 Hague Maintenance Convention. Both Conventions will enter into force for Turkey on 1 February 2017. After the turmoil in Turkey in recent months these are very welcome developments for that country and excellent developments worldwide.

CJEU Rules on Rights of Residence of Non-EU Nationals on Divorce

On 30 June 2016 the European court (CJEU) handed down its decision in The Secretary of State for the Home Department v NA (Case C - 115/15).

EU refuses to reform divorce forum jurisdiction but “speeds up” child abduction

The European Union last week, 30 June 2016, adopted the European Commission proposal’s for reform of Brussels II, the Brussels Regulation. 

This is the primary EU family law legislation. It sets out divorce jurisdiction in all member states and provides forum criteria where more than one EU member state is involved. It adds child abduction laws to the 1980 Hague Convention. It provides for the cross EU border recognition of children orders and divorce orders.

iFLG sets up Brexit family law helpdesk

The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG) have today launched a free Brexit family law helpdesk to provide information for family lawyers here and abroad and those involved in family court proceedings about the impact of Brexit on family law.