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iFLG attend 15th Australian Family Law Conference

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 10 Jun, 2015

iFLG partners Ann Thomas and Hannah Budd have attended the 15th Australian Family Law Conference which took place this last weekend in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Who pays for the nanny……and their pension?

by Jenny Green / 01 Jun, 2015

For busy parents a nanny can provide stability and routine and much needed child care which can be invaluable in the aftermath of a parental separation. With nurseries costing a small fortune each week, a nanny can also offer greater flexibility and good value. However, due to the recent change i

Fourth edition of "The International Family Law Practice" to be published in May 2015

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 15 May, 2015

Jordan's Legal Publishers will be publishing the fourth edition of "The International Family Law Practice" in May 2015.

The British general election 2015 and international family law

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 11 May, 2015

On 7 May 2015 the United Kingdom went to the polls to elect our next government. What might be some of the outcomes and future considerations for international family law from the perspective of England and Wales?

Helen Blackburn appears on BBC News

by Helen Blackburn / 22 Apr, 2015

Helen Blackburn, partner of The International Family Law Group LLP, appeared on BBC News this afternoon to discuss parental child abduction.

Lucy Greenwood and Lucy Loizou lecture at University of Málaga Faculty of Law

by Lucy Greenwood / 16 Mar, 2015

Lucy Greenwood and Lucy Loizou of iFLG attended the Faculty of Law at the University of Málaga’s ‘Feria Judica 2015’ (Law Fair) on 12-13 March, an event aimed at provi

Hannah Budd appears on This Morning and in The Times

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 12 Mar, 2015

Hannah Budd, partner of The International Family Law Group LLP, appeared on ITV’s This Morning today discussing the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision in the case of Vince and Wyatt.

How to enjoy Christmas with your children when they are spending it with their other parent

by Lucy Greenwood / 12 Dec, 2014

Will the children be spending Christmas Day with your ex-partner and his family? If so read on to see the 7 tips from 2 step-family coaches.

David Hodson collects his OBE for services to international family law at the investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle

by Ann Thomas / 05 Dec, 2014

Friday 5th December 2014 was a very proud day for The International Family Law Group LLP as co-founder and partner, David Hodson, collected his OBE from her Majesty the Queen.

I am divorcing abroad and need an English pension sharing order

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 05 Nov, 2014

If you have ever lived or worked in England, or worked for an English employer, you may have acquired an interest in an English pension scheme.  

Child Relocation: The Extra Cost of Long Distance Contact

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 31 Oct, 2014

The costs of international travel are a crucial factor for international families when children have contact with parents in different countries. It can be a vital factor in relocation applications.

David Hodson of IFLG speaks at The 16th Biannual National Family Law Conference in Sydney (7-10 October 2014)

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 08 Oct, 2014

iFLG’s Ann Thomas and David Hodson OBE were invited to attend and present at the Law Council of Australia’s 16th National Family Law Conference in October 2014.

Scotland Decides: The Impact of Independence on Anglo Scottish Families and Family Law

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 15 Sep, 2014

What if Scotland decides on 18th September to vote for independence? No one will decide on family law reasons. But what might be some family law implications for the Union and for Anglo Scottish families of which there are very many?

International Families: Developments in International Divorce Laws

by Stuart Clark / 08 Sep, 2014

This article first appeared in September 2014's issue of Corporate Livewire's Expert Guide to Divorce Law.

Top Ten International Family Law Facts

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 21 Aug, 2014

The International Family Law Group LLP is a specialist practice looking after the needs of international families.

­Where families have close connections to other countries it is important to take great care. Here are our top ten facts for international families: