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The law can be awfully wordy! Long and complicated explanations, always in words and not numbers or formula, about what is fair outcome. When looking at financial matters, most people are far more comfortable with a spreadsheet and calculations.

So we have tried to convert the law into calculators. It can only ever be a starting point. Family law is so distinctive in trying to produce a fair and just outcome in each individual case. A few very particular circumstances may change what might otherwise be a normal outcome.

Nevertheless we continue to believe that a lot more can be done to help people get towards a settlement by using calculators. Here are two calculators; division of capital on divorce or marital separation and spousal maintenance also known as alimony.

Of course they can only be a starting point but in a number of instances they will be very close to what will be the fair and just outcome. Of course legal advice should always be taken. Of course particular circumstances may change the outcome. But we believe that these calculators should help many people get towards a fair settlement.

If you would like to discuss these calculators with this in more detail or the outcomes that they produce these get in touch.


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