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Specialists in child law

When an adult relationship breaks down children are often caught in the middle. Thankfully, in many cases parents are able to discuss and make arrangements about their children’s care without outside help.

But if they encounter problems and disagree on certain aspects, we can give them specialist legal advice and guide them through the process of achieving a satisfactory co-parenting plan.  We understand that cases involving children need to be handled in a particularly sensitive and constructive way and, wherever possible, out of court.

There are times though when parents fail to resolve their issues and we have to ask the court to adjudicate.

It has a vast array of powers at its disposal and can make various orders covering:

  • Regulating residence (where and with whom a child lives)
  • Contact (when and how a child will spend time with the non-resident parent)
  • Specific issues (determining a specific issue such as education)
  • Prohibited steps (stopping something happening, such as taking a child away from a particular school, area, or jurisdiction)

Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of child law issues.


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Parental Responsibility read more

It is important for every parent to know what legal rights and responsibilities they have in relation to their children and this can become particularly important when parents separate.

Residence and Contact Disputes read more

One of the key decisions that must be made on separation is where the children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent.

Child Abduction read more

When one parent takes or keeps a child abroad without the permission of the other parent (or those with parental responsibility), time is of the essence and speedy legal advice is vital.

Child Relocation read more

A parent needs the permission of the other parent, all persons with Parental Responsibility or the court to take a child to live abroad. Careful planning helps protect against unwanted relocations.

Cross-Border Enforcement read more

Today, children are travelling around the globe with increased frequency and are often the subject of litigation in multiple jurisdictions at various stages of their lives.

Adoption read more

Our lawyers help those thinking about adopting a child that is currently in local authority care, a relative or a step child and are specialists in the complex area of international adoption.


The Best Interests of the Child in the Cultural Setting

How should the test of the best interests of the child be seen in the context of active support for the child’s cultural heritage and upbringing? What happens if there is any conflict? How much should best interests outcomes be diminished or diluted to encourage cultural connections? 

Child Abduction: the Court of Appeal on the Article 13(b) defence

On Tuesday 9August 2016 the Court of Appeal (comprised of Macur LJ, Beatson LJ and Sales LJ) handed down judgment in the case of Re M (Children) [2016] EWCA Civ 942. The first instance judgment of Russell J was reported at DM v KM [2016] EWHC 1282 (Fam).

High Court recognises foreign adoption from Nepal

The High Court recently handed down judgment formally recognising the status of an adoption that took place in 2008 in Nepal. Mr Justice Macdonald gave judgment following a 5 day hearing in July recognising the foreign adoption of T. A copy of the judgment is available online.

iGuide: Child Maintenance

Many parents are able to agree child maintenance, or where necessary have to involve the Child Support Agency. Our iGuide explains more about child support arrangements.

iGuide: Child Relocation

This iGuide provides an introduction to the issue of child relocation - where one parent wishes to leave the jurisdiction to live in another country.

iGuide: What is Child Abduction?

Find out more about Child Abduction in our iGuide.

iGuide: 1980 Hague Convention Countries

This iGuide details the countries in which the 1980 Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction is in force with the UK.

iGuide: 1996 Hague Convention

The Hague Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Child was concluded on 19 October 1996 (“The 1996 Convention”).

iGuide: Inherent Jurisdiction

The Court’s inherent jurisdiction in relation to children and Wardship are powerful tools in the field of international Child Law. Find out more in this iGuide.

FAQ: Child Relocation

Frequently asked questions ­about Child Relocation

FAQ: Parental Responsibility

Frequently asked questions ­about Parental Responsibility

FAQ: Adoption

Frequently asked questions ­about Adoption

Brussels II child abduction: Trumping orders

Trumping orders are a valuable remedy when a court to which a child has been abducted within Europe refuses to make a return order. Here's our explanation...

FAQ: Cross-Border Enforcement

Frequently asked questions ­about Cross-Border Enforcement

Podcast: Child Relocation

Ann Thomas speaks on child relocation, an application to take a child permanently abroad.

Podcast: Minimise Risk of a Child Abduction

Ann Thomas speaks on what steps can be taken to minimise the risk of a child abduction.

The Family Law Show: Programme 4 - Children Disputes and Issues

Lucy Loizou and Carolynn Usher offer information and practical guidance for parents where there are disputes that concern their children following the breakdown of a relationship

The Family Law Show: Programme 8 - Child Support System within the UK

Lucy Loizou and Katie Harris discuss issues around child support and maintenance

The Family Law Show: Programme 9 - General Principles for Child Relocation after Relationship Breakdown

Lucy Loizou and Ann Thomas offer guidance to parents who are thinking about permanently relocating abroad with their child/children

The Family Law Show: Programme 11 - Adoption

Lucy Loizou is joined by fellow Partner, Helen Blackburn, giving an overview of adoption and guidance to viewers about the key considerations in this area of the law

The Family Law Show: Programme 2 - Child Abduction

Lucy Loizou and Mandeep Gill discuss what child abduction is and give information about what to do in the event that you are faced with this difficult situation

Repatriation of EU family law powers David Hodson sets out in four separate opinion pieces different areas where he believes it is very important that family law powers are drawn back from the EU, repatriated, in circumstances where there has been excessive powers taken by the EU for itself.

Legal Services Orders: The First Guidance from the Courts

Since 1 April 2013 the courts have had the power to order a party to pay to the other an amount to enable them to pay for legal services within certain family court proceedings. This article explores the first guidance from the courts on these applications.

Best interests of the child overrides EU finance jurisdiction law

David Hodson considers the recent Opinion of an Advocate General of the European Union Court of Justice (CJEU) which seems to set out a potentially significant widening of jurisdiction in EU family law finance cases, and perhaps even divorce cases, based on the supremacy of the best interests of the child. 

Podcast: Child Abduction

Ann Thomas speaks on child abduction. This is one of the most devastating things to occur to a child. Yet with many international families, it is  a occurring  much more frequently...

iGuide: Resolution by Out of Court Settlements

There are many different ways to resolve cases without the need to go to court. Here is our iGuide in relation to out of court settlements.

Attending Court – what you need to know

Advice and information on what to expect when you attend at court.

FAQ: Child Abduction

Frequently asked questions ­about Child Abduction