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David Hodson runs Masters Module in International Family Law at The University of Queensland - remotely from Surrey

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 29 Jul, 2020

Prof David Hodson OBE MCIArb will be running again this year an International Family Law module on a Masters degree course in Current Issues in International Law (Private) at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  But this time the lectures will be presented remotely to the students

The UK and the EU co-working for the benefit of the family law community: A New Hope?

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 13 Jul, 2020

David Hodson explores areas where, post Brexit and with the differences behind them of continued membership, the UK and the EU should work together collaboratively for the benefit of international families and to further International family Law. 

Supreme Court Judgment in Villiers paves the way for English Maintenance Claims alongside a Scottish divorce

by Lina Khanom / 03 Jul, 2020

On 1 July 2020, the Supreme Court handed down judgment in the matter of Villiers.

The Importance of Obtaining a Recognised Jewish Get when Jewish Couples Divorce and How the Courts Can Help

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 02 Jul, 2020

Partner Lucy Greenwood & trainee Solicitor Feriha Tayfur look at Jewish divorces ('Get') and potential solutions to family law practitioners and clients who need to ensure that a Jewish client obtains both a civil and religious divorce.

Practical Guidance for Dealing with Foreign Assets in National Cases

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 01 Jul, 2020

Partners Lucy Loizou and Michael Allum consider the ever-increasing international movement of people and families, a significant portion of financial cases in the family courts of England and Wales now involved assets located overseas. 

Double wedding, Double trouble: Why having two wedding ceremonies can cause problems later

by Megan Bennie / 30 Jun, 2020

An increasing number of couples have more than one marriage ceremony – one legal and one non-legal.  Perhaps they have a civil ceremony before jetting off to an exotic location for their wedding, or they may have a register office wedding followed or preceded by a religious ceremony.

No Fault Divorce rules will not come into force until Autumn 2021

by Lucy Greenwood / 18 Jun, 2020

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill concluded its route through the House of Commons yesterday and now returns to the House of Lords to consider an amendment.

Government to review how the workplace can support victims of domestic abuse

by Megan Bennie / 18 Jun, 2020

Business Minister Paul Scully has just announced that the government will be examining how both employers and the government can improve their support of those within the workforce suffering from domestic abuse. 

David Hodson is recognised in 2020 Spear’s Family Law Index as a ‘Top Recommended Family Lawyer’

by Paula Fox / 11 Jun, 2020

iFLG are delighted to announce that Partner David Hodson OBE MCIArb has been recognised once again in 2020 Spear’s Family Law Index as a ‘Top Recommended Family Lawyer’.

Should Cryptocurrency be part of my Divorce Settlement?

by Megan Bennie / 10 Jun, 2020

Cryptocurrency, though used by only a small part of the general population, is increasingly subject to litigation as its use becomes more widespread and it starts to figure in disputes, both commercial and personal. 

talkRADIO interview with David Hodson on 'No Fault Divorce'

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 09 Jun, 2020

David Hodson was interviewed this morning live on talkRADIO by Mike Graham and gave his support on the topical issue of 'No Fault Divorce'.

Legal Relationship Advice: 'Knowledge is Power'

by Lucy Greenwood / 05 Jun, 2020

Partner Lucy Greenwood offers practical advice and guidance in this article, for those looking for legal relationship advice as we ease out of lockdown.

Diplomatic immunity (again) facing Justice in the Family Courts

by Lina Khanom / 04 Jun, 2020

A recently decided case has again raised the issue of the position of diplomats before the English family courts, this time in the context of apparent domestic violence to children and local authorities carrying out their statutory duty. 

Tackling child contact problems as England emerges from lockdown: Questions and Answers

by Megan Bennie / 02 Jun, 2020

From 1st June 2020, lockdown in England has considerably eased, with many children returning to schools and families and friends being given the green light to meet in groups of up to six, so long as observing social distancing rules when outside.

Are all Foreign Adoption orders automatically recognised in this Country?

by Helen Blackburn / 28 May, 2020

Not all foreign adoption orders are automatically recognised in this country. Only the following adoption orders are automatically recognised in this country.