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It is still uncertain whether the UK will leave the EU at the end of October.  If it does, how will this impact on family law, family lawyers and family law clients? 

As one of the world’s leading law firms working with international families, The International Family Law Group LLP has prepared a series of videos and articles for guidance.

If there is a deal, it is highly likely that existing EU laws will continue throughout any transition or implementation period, perhaps the end of 2020, and therefore there will be no change in the short term.

If however there is no deal and the UK leaves at e.g. the end of October, existing EU laws will immediately cease to have any effect from midnight on Thursday, 31 October 2019.  This will hugely affect cross-border EU cases but also some national cases and non-EU international cases.  Since at least summer 2018, the government has been preparing for this no deal possibility with statutory instruments in place and with the UK a signatory in its own right to certain international laws.  But it may be wise for certain action to be taken quickly by lawyers before Exit Day.  In any event lawyers need to be able to advise their clients on what will be the position after departure.

iFLG has also relaunched its free Brexit family law helpline to provide information for family lawyers here and abroad and those involved in family court proceedings about the impact of Brexit on family law.  Please telephone +44 (0) 203 178 5668

Please see below for the good practice guidance, January 2019 and March 2019, to the family law profession by the Law Society and resolution, of which iFLG partner, David Hodson, was a primary author

We have produced a list of informative videos and articles below written by the practice about the impact on leaving the EU

UK General Election 2019, Brexit and Family Law A Special iFLG Briefing Note

The UK General Election on 12 December 2019 has significantly changed, and clarified, the position on the UK leaving the EU.  Whereas throughout 2018 there had been much uncertainty with a likelihood of no deal and throughout much of 2019 significant resistance by so-called Remainers in Parliament against leaving the EU, the General Election result was overwhelming support for the UK leaving the EU quickly.  The Conservative party election banner was: “Get Brexit sorted”.  Whereas previously

Family Law Video on the UK leaving the EU: Divorce

Family Law Video on the UK leaving the EU: Children

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Family Law Video on the UK leaving the EU: Domestic Violence

Family Law Video on the UK leaving the EU: Maintenance

Family Law Video on the UK leaving the EU: Marital Agreements

Family Law on the UK leaving the EU: A series of videos by partners at iFLG covering divorce, maintenance, pension sharing, marital agreements, children and domestic violence

How will a 'no-deal Brexit' affect you?

We have produced a summary here

The UK will be ready for no deal on Brexit in family law

The UK civil service has been very busy preparingparticularly since early summer for the eventuality of a no deal. Of course it’s strongly arguable that the preparation should have been throughout the entire period since Art 50 notice was given. It’s a foolish family lawyer who with a final hearing approaching fails to prepare for trial in the hope of negotiating a settlement.