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Brexit and national family law

This note sets out some preliminary reflections on the impact on domestic, national family law of the UK voting to leave the EU.

Brexit and international family law

This note sets out some preliminary reflections on the impact on international family law of the UK voting, by a close majority, to leave the EU.

The Child Abduction Lawyers Association launches its new website

The Child Abduction Lawyers Association (“CALA”) has launched its new website which can be accessed by clicking here.

Child Relocation: The Extra Cost of Long Distance Contact

The costs of international travel are a crucial factor for international families when children have contact with parents in different countries. It can be a vital factor in relocation applications.

The “unaccompanied minors” arrangements of many airlines can be essential for the children and their parents but have their own cost to be taken into account.

Scotland Decides: The Impact of Independence on Anglo Scottish Families and Family Law

What if Scotland decides on 18th September to vote for independence? No one will decide on family law reasons. But what might be some family law implications for the Union and for Anglo Scottish families of which there are very many?

iFLG's Top Ten Recommendations in International Family Law

The International Family Law Group LLP­is a specialist family law firm looking after the interests of international families and their children.

By virtue of their connections with other countries international families may face particular issues on relationship breakdown, here are are our top 10 international family law reccomendations:

David Hodson considers the new EU law on domestic violence EU has introduced a law, in force in January 2015, giving significant cross-EU powers and orders for the victims of domestic violence and others needing protective measures. This is a culmination of excellent work in respect of domestic abuse over many years by the EU in the Daphne project.

David Hodson give details of important hearing in the European Court On Tuesday, 1 April 2014, a date rich with irony, the European Court of Justice is hearing claims brought by several EU Governments against the EU asserting that the EU has, in terms, wrongly exceeded its powers by claiming sole competency to enter into bilateral and multilateral arrangements with non-EU countries in respect of family law matters.  This would be obtuse heavy political stuff save that the innocent victims of this EU ‘land grab of power' are th

Hague Convention mediation guide to good practice The Hague Conference on Private International Law has just published its long-awaited guide to good practice on mediation in child abduction work. It will form a benchmark for national mediation in child abduction cases and a crucial step in good practice in mediation in international family work. It is essential reading for anyone undertaking international children work and for mediators dealing with any international cases.