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Top Ten Myths in International Family Law

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about international family law issues. Here is our top 10:

The Supreme Court says ‘No’ to a Second Bite of the Cherry; Mills v Mills [2018] UKSC 38

The Supreme Court ruled today in the case of Mills v Mills [2018] UKSC 38

Imagine you (as a husband or wife) have given a large proportion of your liquid capital to your ex-spouse upon divorce to buy a home mortgage free –they manage their money badly and then come back years later to ask you for an increase in spousal maintenance for the (same) housing needs.

Marital or relationship agreements: Liability of lawyers to the other party!

By David Hodson & Sarah Basso 

Maintenance for Mrs. Mills

On 6 June, five justices of the Supreme Court (Lady Hale, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hughes, Lord Hodge) heard the case of Mills v Mills. The Supreme Court has confirmed that the judgment will be delivered next Wednesday, 18 July 2018.


When a Marital Contribution Becomes Special; The case of XW v XH [2017] EWFC 76

by Michael Allum and Rachel Roberts


Over 10 days in June 2017 Mr Justice Baker heard an application made by the wife for a financial order.  Judgment was handed down to the parties six months later in December 2017, but was not made public until mid-June owing to reporting restrictions. 

When young love comes to an end; arranging the finances after a short marriage or civil partnership

Stuart Clark, associate solicitor at The International Family Law Group LLP, discusses practical points to consider when separating after a short marriage or civil partnership.

Changes to Forms A and A1 from 4 June 2018

New Forms A and A1 were launched yesterday, 4 June 2018, to cater for the changes to the Family Procedure Rules 2010 introduced and in place also from yesterday pursuant to the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2018. All applications lodged at court from 4 June 2018 onwards must be on the new forms and the old forms will no longer be accepted.

Villiers: Divorce and Financial applications involving England and Scotland

Stuart Clark, associate solicitor at The International Family Law Group LLP, discusses the outcome in Villiers and the impact on divorce and financial proceedings taking place in England and Scotland .

Relationship Status and Related Legal Rights

As stated in a recent online article for a national newspaper ‘Statistics show that two thirds of cohabiting couples in England believe that they have automatic rights or the same rights as married couples/couples in a Civil Partnership, simply by virtue of the fact they live together.[1]

The husband, his wife and his sex worker: sharing the marital pot

In the context of the present discussion about reform of cohabitation law, a case decided by the Australian Court of Appeal provides a salutary lesson of problems which can arise.