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Kingston University - A career in Law

Lucy Loizou, Solicitor and Partner at IFLG was invited to return to Kingston University where she graduated in 2002 (LLB Hons). Lucy was asked to speak to students about her journey into family law and life as a family lawyer.  Lucy joined a panel of past Alumni members to answer questions from students and provide guidance on how to pursue a career in law.

The Coronavirus and Family Law

The World Health Authority is on the verge of declaring the coronavirus a pandemic, a disease found significantly on more than one continent and being spread frequently between people.  How should family lawyers take this into account in the work they are undertaking for their clients, particularly international clients or those with assets abroad?  This summary note is intended for England and Wales but has relevance for all family lawyers around the world.

Til Death Do Us Part?

On 31 December 2019 England* introduced heterosexual civil partnerships.  Prior to then only same- sex couples could enter civil partnerships in England.
There seems to be much confusion and misunderstanding caused by the introduction of heterosexual civil partnerships in England.

A Code of Practice for the Family Law community worldwide?

David Hodson OBE reflects on core principles of family law practice set out by the Australian Family Courts in a recent practice direction. He suggests these could be usefully adopted for global good practice.

The International Family Law Conference 2020

This annual conference brings together Family Law Specalists, who will cover a wide range of topics for all Family Law Practitioners.

All Change and no Change: UK/EU Family Law on 31 January 2020

At 11 p.m. this evening, Friday, 31 January 2020, the UK leaves the European Union.  It is no longer a member in law.  The necessary legislation has gone through both the UK Parliament and the EU Parliament.  It is all change.

But for family law, and indeed for much else, it is in fact no change until the end of the year on 31 December 2020.  This is the implementation period, previously referred to as the transition period.

A Guide to the Taxation of Spouses on Marriage and on Separation and Divorce

David Hodson OBE updates the guide to the taxation of spouses on marriage, and on separation and divorce for 2019/20.

Could your divorce be set aside?

Most will agree that going through a divorce is very challenging both emotionally and financially and to go through it once is one too many. The cuts to legal aid in divorce cases has prompted a surge in couples who decide to go ahead on their own to save as much money as possible but this in turn has seen a rise in the number of what should be entirely straightforward, undefended divorce cases, being delayed and taking longer to conclude simply due to errors in paperwork.

The Fastest Divorce Law in the World?

England is about to pass into law what will be, for recipients of a divorce petition, probably the fastest divorce anywhere in the world.  The respondent may have just over six weeks’ notice from receipt, service, to the date of the final divorce decree.  It will leave the recipient with almost no time to come to terms with the divorce or take protective financial steps.

Lucy Loizou nominated for 'Woman of the Year' in the Women in Law Awards 2020

iFLG is proud to announce that Partner Lucy Loizou has been nominated in the 'Woman of the Year' Category at the Women in Law Awards 2020.

Congratulations to all those other women in law that have been nominated. A full list is available here