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Top Ten Myths in International Family Law

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about international family law issues. Here is our top 10:

Ensuring Just Outcomes in Marital Agreements

There are many potential benefits to pre-marital and post-marital agreements which are often referred to as pre-nups and post-nups. They can reduce uncertainty, promote autonomy and they can often successfully address the division of property and sometimes spousal maintenance in the event of marital break down. The question is, do these benefits sometimes come at the expense of justice?

Marriage vs Cohabitation; Financial and legal consequences upon separation in England

Lucy Greenwood, Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP (IFLG) sets out some of significant and commonly misunderstood differences in the financial legal rights of married and unmarried couples.

For these purposes, the term married couples includes couples in Civil Partnerships.


Top 5 reasons why Prenups are worth the paper they are written on

By Lucy Greenwood and Richard Kwan

Prenuptial agreements (“prenups”) can seem rather unromantic. It hardly feels natural thinking about the potential end of a marriage before it has even started. But marriage is a big commitment bringing with it very considerable legal rights and financial responsibilities which many people grossly underestimate and which can leave their personal assets highly exposed.

“We all covet wealth, but not its perils”

Last week Petra Eccleston gave an interview about the breakdown of her marriage and the difficulties she associates with wealth when it comes to meeting a life partner.

Malta’s Cohabitation Bill Passes Second Reading: Important Reminder for Cohabiting Couples Worldwide to Seek Advice & Protect Their Rights

As Malta’s Cohabitation Bill passes its second reading it is the latest country in a series, including Australia and Canada, looking set to introduce "de facto" marriage for unmarried cohabitants. For more information about Malta's Cohabitation Bill please see here.

Large increase in marriage rate in men and women over 65

The Office of National Statistics has recently published new data in relation to the marriages that took place in England and Wales during the course of 2014.

The statistics reveal a substantial increase in the numbers of people over the age of 65 who are getting married. When comparing marriage rates between 2009 and 2014 they reveal an increase of 56% in the marriage rate for women age 65 and over and an increase of 41% for men of the same age bracket.

Commentary on the House of Commons Justice Committee Report on implications of Brexit for the justice system



"I Can See You!"

Will the Government’s announcement today about seeking to make the true ownership of properties more transparent impact on family law?

The Law Commission proposals for binding marital agreements

The English Law Commission has today (27th February 2014) published its long awaited final report and proposed draft legislation on its government prompted consultation on “Matrimonial Property, Needs and Agreements”.  Disappointingly it has not given the much-needed recommendations for statute law reform of financial needs and definitions of marital property, and David Hodson has written a separate opinion piece about this missed opportunity.  However the really good news is the recommendati