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Should Cryptocurrency be part of my Divorce Settlement?

Cryptocurrency, though used by only a small part of the general population, is increasingly subject to litigation as its use becomes more widespread and it starts to figure in disputes, both commercial and personal. 

An increasing number of divorce cases feature cryptocurrency so it is more important than ever for the couple divorcing and their lawyers to be clear on the status of cryptocurrency and how it should be treated within a divorce case. 

Legal Relationship Advice: 'Knowledge is Power'

Partner Lucy Greenwood offers practical advice and guidance in this article, for those looking for legal relationship advice as we ease out of lockdown.

A stark warning in relation to the Validity of Pre-nuptial Agreements

The very recent case of S v H[1] serves as a stark reminder that there are very strict parameters in which a Court in England and Wales will be willing to consider a pre-nuptial agreement valid and therefore capable of recognition within a financial settlement imposed by the court. 

Recorded Podcast with iFLG, London UK & Nicholes Family Lawyers, Melbourne Australia

Recorded by Partners David Hodson OBE MCIArb and Stuart Clark.

While these current times are certainly difficult, it is truly wonderful that we have been able to come together with Nicholes Family Lawyers and create this Podcast as an informative and valuable tool for those most at risk and vulnerable in our international community due to COVID-19. 

Financial provision after foreign divorce: is it time to reform the leave/permission procedure?

iFLG partner Michael Allum reviews the English family court’s power to make financial orders following foreign divorces (Part III) and asks whether it is time for the leave/permission filter mechanism to be reformed.   

To the Adulterer the Spoils? The role of Conduct in Divorce and Financial Proceedings in England and Abroad

The court is usually unwilling to adjust financial settlements in light of conduct despite a great many clients asking it to do so.  This article takes a look at how this position has come about and how other similar countries tackle conduct issues. 

Can I Change my Maintenance Order owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Partner Stuart Clark considers the impact on spousal maintenance in view of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

How the changes to CGT on property transactions from 6 April 2020 might impact separating or divorcing couples

Despite many significant fiscal measures which the Government is introducing owing to Covid-19, there is no change to the new CGT rules which had already been announced and remain due to be introduced on 6 April 2020.

We look in general terms at the impact the changes to capital gains tax (CGT) on property transactions might have on separating or divorcing couples.

Keep your original Decree Absolute in a safe place

The Court in England and Wales should retain key documents within divorce proceedings for a total of 100 years. So if you divorced in England and Wales, but lost your original Decree Absolute you might think you can assume you will always be able to obtain an official copy.

Sharing of post-separation earnings: Francis J says I’m not lovin’ it: O’Dwyer v O’Dwyer [2019] EWHC 1838 (Fam)

Should there have been any doubt remaining, Mr Justice Francis confirmed in O’Dwyer v O’Dwyer [2019] EWHC 1838 (Fam) that post-separation earnings are not a matrimonial asset capable of being shared.