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New Investigation Reveals Growth in Halala Marriages

Stuart Clark looks behind the headlines of a concerning story about divorce practices and considers the impact of recognition of religious marriage arrangements in England and Wales and abroad.

The Hague 1970 Divorce Recognition Convention: filling an EU divorce gap?




David Hodson examines this little-known Hague Convention on the international recognition of divorces and legal separations.  Might it be the answer to the recommendation by the House of Commons Justice Committee for a system for mutual recognition and enforcement of family court orders?


English family law after Brexit


A Culture of Change: Family Law and Inter-Ethnic Families

We have seen a change in the demography of our society with the increase in families of mixed ethnicities in recent years. Free movement of workers within the EU, coupled with international reciprocal arrangements allowing for the emigration of individuals from many different and varied nations, has created fascinating melting pots of cultures, languages and religions across the UK. It remains to be seen how Brexit will impact this trend.

Whose fault is it anyway?

The second highest Court in England (the Court of Appeal) has today refused to allow a wife to obtain a divorce against her husband. The case highlights the fundamental need for reform in this area of the law. Archaic and out of date laws have produced a judgment that many see as unfair.

Divorce jurisdiction after Brexit

Since the EU referendum, David Hodson of iFLG has been working on what should be the divorce jurisdiction of our country once we leave the European Union.  At the moment divorce jurisdiction is found in EU statutes.  David  made proposals to an EU family law working group based in London consisting of leading and junior counsel and specialist solicitors, which considers complex issues of EU law.  He has been a member of this group since its inception.

Ryan Giggs Scores Partial Privacy Victory in the High Court

Mr Justice Cobb, in a decision reported in The Telegraph this afternoon, today refused an application by the former Premiership footballer Ryan Giggs to ban media representatives from attending Court hearings relating to the financial proceedings alongside his divorce to Stacey Giggs.

Wife appeals decision refusing her a divorce

A 78 year old woman has taken her case to the Court of Appeal after a judge refused to grant her a divorce after a marriage of 39 years. 


The current divorce law in England and Wales requires a person who wishes to bring divorce proceedings to show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and it shown by one of five “facts”.


The five facts are as follows:


DB v PB: reminder of potential effect of maintenance agreements

The recent case of DB v PB serves as a reminder of the potential effect an agreement in relation to maintenance can (for the time being at least) have on financial proceedings following the breakdown of a marriage.


Jurisdiction for divorce for same-sex marriages


What should be the necessary connection, jurisdiction, should a country have with a couple in order to deal with a same sex divorce?

Should it be the same for heterosexual divorce? Yes of course as it is all the same concept of marriage and there should be no discrimination.

Law Commission adopts iFLG proposals on law reform for pension sharing after foreign court orders

by David Hodson and Michael Allum