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Polyamorous Relationships: Is three a crowd?

by Emma Nash / 25 Jul, 2017

The traditional view of marriage has come into the spotlight again as three men in Columbia have officially recorded that they are living together as a ‘throuple’.

A Quick-fire Users’ Guide to the New Divorce Petitions

by Stuart Clark / 24 Jul, 2017

By Stuart Clark and Michael Allum

A stark example of the challenge faced by courts when balancing competing rights in child contact cases

by Helen Blackburn / 13 Jul, 2017

By Helen Blackburn & Lauren Bovington 

On 15 November 2017 the Court of Appeal will determine the matter of J v B (ultra-orthodox Judaism: Transgender) [2017] EWFC 4. The case was decided by Mr Justice Peter Jackson in January of this year.

“We all covet wealth, but not its perils”

by Lucy Greenwood / 11 Jul, 2017

Last week Petra Eccleston gave an interview about the breakdown of her marriage and the difficulties she associates with wealth when it comes to meeting a life partner.