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The days of the exclusively paper-based family lawyer could be numbered: The International Family Law Group LLP pilots online divorce

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 31 Jul, 2018

The International Family Law Group LLP is excited to be one of just four law firms selected to beta test the Court Services’ online divorce pilot from 31 July 2018.  Though initially only the divorce petition itself, in coming months it will be the entire process from the petition through until decree absolute online via the Court Service portal. 

Financial Consent Orders can now be filed online

by Michael Allum / 31 Jul, 2018

On Monday 6th August 2018 the family courts will take another step towards becoming digital.   From that date applications for consent orders in family court financial proceedings can be filed online rather than delivery to a physical court office.  For many law firms increasingly geared towards the digital rather than the paper, this is yet further welcome progress. 

Crucial new guidance regarding Intercountry Adoption

by Helen Blackburn / 26 Jul, 2018

The Hague Conference on Private International Law has recently published extremely helpful guidance on the interpretation of habitual residence and scope of the 1993 Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (‘the Convention’).

Owens v Owens: Supreme Court dismisses wife’s appeal

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 25 Jul, 2018

The Supreme Court this morning unanimously dismissed Mrs Owens’ appeal in the eagerly awaited judgment in Owens v Owens [2018] UKSC 41.

The Importance of Financial Orders on Divorce

by Emma Nash / 23 Jul, 2018

When a marriage ends the Family Court in England & Wales can, under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, make a range of financial orders to divide up assets and ensure that each party has sufficient funds to meet their needs.

The Supreme Court says ‘No’ to a Second Bite of the Cherry; Mills v Mills [2018] UKSC 38

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 18 Jul, 2018

The Supreme Court ruled today in the case of Mills v Mills [2018] UKSC 38

Marital or relationship agreements: Liability of lawyers to the other party!

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 16 Jul, 2018

By David Hodson & Sarah Basso 

Maintenance for Mrs. Mills

by Rachel Roberts / 13 Jul, 2018

On 6 June, five justices of the Supreme Court (Lady Hale, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hughes, Lord Hodge) heard the case of Mills v Mills. The Supreme Court has confirmed that the judgment will be delivered next Wednesday, 18 July 2018.


The Government’s Strategy for Child Maintenance Compliance (published 12 July 2018)

by Lucy Greenwood / 13 Jul, 2018

With an estimated £2bn of unpaid child maintenance being expected to be written off by The Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) it is unsurprising that there continue to be considerable concerns about the effectiveness of the  Child  Maintenance Service (CMS).

Issues of Gender Discrimination in the context of international divorce

by Lucy Greenwood / 04 Jul, 2018

It can be exciting and romantic to move to a new country for your partner, but a loss of work opportunities and self-esteem can follow. Relationships can become strained and the inequality of your relationship can become even more apparent…

The Do's and Don’ts when relationships begin to strain abroad

by Lucy Greenwood / 04 Jul, 2018


DO go and see a specialist international family lawyer in the country where you reside as soon as possible. The meeting is for information gathering and confidential. You will feel empowered by doing so.