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How will a 'no-deal Brexit' affect you?

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 31 Jan, 2019

We have produced a summary which can be found here:

New Practice Direction signals further step forward for online divorce (although practitioners will need to wait a bit longer to take part in the pilot)

by Emma Chowdhury / 16 Jan, 2019

As we discussed in our previous article, online divorce became available to litigants in person in England in May 2018 and then to selected p

The UK will be ready for no deal on Brexit in family law

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 10 Jan, 2019

The UK civil service has been very busy preparing, particularly since early summer for the eventuality of a no deal. Of course it’s strongly arguable that the preparation should have been throughout the entire period since Art 50 notice was given. It’s a foolish family lawyer who with a final hearing approaching fails to prepare for trial in the hope of negotiating a settlement. Nevertheless there has been intensive and effective activity in civil servant circles in readiness.

In my perception, having studied the various statutory instruments released by government and worked closely with government officials, I think the UK in the family law perspective will be ready if it is necessary to leave with no deal. Of course many hope that a good deal can be still accomplished. But if sadly not, then departure with no deal will now be workable, with no material prejudice in most cases to clients, and with adequate alternatives to EU laws

What will no deal departure look like in family law?

This summary note applies primarily to England and Wales; Scotland will be introducing separate measures.  Details of the various statutory instruments referred to can be supplied.

Matrimonial Property and Risk: A brief analysis of the Court of Appeal judgment in Martin v Martin

by Emma Nash / 08 Jan, 2019

A recent Court of Appeal judgment has considered the tricky area of how business assets should be dealt with on divorce.

How can I change my financial settlement?

by Stuart Clark / 07 Jan, 2019

By Stuart Clark & Emma Chowdhury 

Watershed moment for UK surrogacy law

by Helen Blackburn / 03 Jan, 2019

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 (Remedial) Order 2018 comes into force today (3 January 2019) enabling single people for the very first time to apply for parental orders. 

Declaration of Parentage used in Child Abduction Proceedings

by Emma Nash / 02 Jan, 2019

An unusual judgment has recently been made by Mr Justice Williams in G (Declaration of Parentage – Removal of Person Identified as Mother from Birth Certificate) (No2) [2018] EWHC 3361 (Fam).