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iFLG hosts the International Family Law Conference 2019

by ANONYMOUS (not verified) / 22 Mar, 2019

The International Family Law Group LLP and Anthony Gold Solicitors hosted their second annual International Family Law Conference yesterday (21 March 2019) in London.

Analysis: Was De Gafforj ruling another missed opportunity?

by Stuart Clark / 11 Mar, 2019

Partner Stuart Clark, of the International Family Law Group, looks at the Court of Appeal ruling that granted Anne Orenga de Gafforj a Hadkinson Order in September 2018.

Potential implications of Brexit on pension sharing after an overseas divorce

by Michael Allum / 05 Mar, 2019

Family analysis: Michael Allum and Stuart Clark, partners at The International Family Law Group LLP, highlight that obtaining effective pension sharing orders which will be recognised and implemented by pension providers in England and Wales after an overseas divorce is already a very complex and difficult area, and will become even more so in the event of a no-deal Brexit.