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Business Direction Cyprus 2019

by Paula Fox / 29 Nov, 2019

Partner Lucy Loizou is giving a presentation at The Business Direction Cyprus Conference today Friday 29 November 2019 in London.

Jewish Divorce - What, When and Why?

by Lucy Greenwood / 28 Nov, 2019

Lucy Greenwood, Partner at The International Family Group LLP who specialises in divorce, finance and forum work often with an international or cultural dimension, writes to explain why if you are a Jewish couple, whether orthodox or not, you need to be aware of Rabb

All China Women's Federation Family Law training in London

by Paula Fox / 26 Nov, 2019

iFLG Managing Partner Ann Thomas and Partners Helen Blackburn and Lucy Loizou were delighted to welcome a group of delegates that flew in from China; the All China Women's Federation (ACWF) on 25 November for an International Family Law training afternoon in London.

FIGT: What to do and helpful steps to take if your relationship breaks down

What to do and helpful steps to take if your relationship breaks down

by Lucy Greenwood / 26 Nov, 2019
Relationship breakdown and divorce are hard, but they can be even more complex for globally mobile families.

Consular Seminar on International Families at the Romanian Embassy London

by Paula Fox / 12 Nov, 2019

Providing consular assistance to nationals in complex international family cases can be some of the most challenging work for consuls.

General Election hits Family Law Bills

by Lucy Greenwood / 08 Nov, 2019

The recent decision to have a General Election on 12 December 2019 means there is now no time for Royal Assent to be given by Parliament of three very significant Family Law Bills.
These are: