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The International Family Law Group LLP’s Associate Emma Nash will be speaking on Thursday 26th October at St Andrew’s Hill Autumn Family Law Seminar.

Emma is an experienced family lawyer who deals with exceedingly complicated cases and has appeared as a Solicitor Advocate in the High Court.  She provides clients with advice and support in relation to a comprehensive range of family law issues including children cases, financial provision on divorce, and financial claims by cohabiting couples and surrogacy.

The seminar is the final one in their Autumn Series and is called ‘To trust or not? Assets on divorce: whose is it?’

 It will be on issues such as; when couples divorce, the assets in the matrimonial pot have to be determined. What of an asset in a trust? Or an asset in the name of a spouse, but which a third party (e.g. father of spouse) lays claim to? The seminar will address these problems, which arise in "big" money, "medium" money and "small" money divorces.

Emma will be speaking on the Family Courts approach to nuptial settlements on divorce, specifically the case of Quan & Bray, which involved a Trust set up by a husband and wife to save the Chinese tiger.

Others speakers are; Jaqueline Julyan S.C, Head of the Family Law Team at 5SAH. Dual qualified and practising in England & Wales, and South Africa and Gemma Lindfield, An experienced family law barrister at 5SAH.

For more details or to sign up to the event please follow this link.  

If you have interests in Trusts here or abroad or are involved in complicated financial matters following the breakdown of relationship you can contact Emma Nash by email or visit our website for more information or to contact any of our lawyers


Madeleine Gordon

Business Communications Manager 

The International Family Law Group LLP

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