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On May 16th 2018 The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG) co-founder and partner, David Hodson, will speak at an event in the European Parliament on “Brexit and Family Law”. He has been invited by the Law Society to be one of the four UK practitioners.  David is a member of the Law Society Family Law Committee which seeks to represent solicitors in England and Wales undertaking family law work.

David is a solicitor, mediator, family law arbitrator, part-time family court judge and also Australian qualified solicitor and barrister. He is recognised as one of the world’s leading family lawyers of his generation, with particular expertise in international family law. This niche and complicated area of law combines both English and foreign law elements and requires a knowledge and understanding of different laws, cultures and procedures. 

Commenting on the upcoming event, David said “I am thrilled and humbled to be invited to speak for my profession.  I want to increases awareness by national and EU law makers to the particular needs and issues of international families and their children.  When it comes to Brexit and Family Law, there are many real difficulties and disadvantages in practice flowing from EU laws.  But equally there are a number of benefits.  The challenge is to retain reciprocal recognition and enforcement whilst not continuing to be subject to EU laws, policies, agendas and the European Court”

The event at the European Parliament in Brussels with the Law Society will focus on family and children issues surrounding Brexit including government legislation and the Hague Conventions

David has been supportive of the EU in creating cross-border laws for EU families but has been critical of the EU significantly extending its powers in making laws to cover England’s dealings with families from non-EU countries.  He has particularly argued against EU laws which have the effect of discouraging reconciliation, mediation and early settlements.

Speaking about the event David said: “One particularly bad EU law encourages spouses to race to court to gain the most favourable advantage in any particular EU country.  The consequence is that couples do not engage in mediation before proceedings, sometimes have to neglect prospects of saving a savable marriage and it is a law which favours the financially weaker spouse.  This should not continue after we leave the EU.” 

The text of David's speech will be available at 4 PM on 16th May from the IFLG website.