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When faced with the often painful and frightening reality of a relationship breakdown, it is fundamentally important that you choose the right family law solicitor to help you with legal proceedings. Making the wrong decision could have a severely detrimental impact on your case. It may also result in increased costs and/or delays. This is even more important where you are not living in your home country, there are sophisticated significant assets or international dimensions to your finances or relationship.

IFLG started 10 years ago to fill a significant lacuna in the family law profession, as despite the ever-increasing demand for family lawyers with specialism in international family law issues, very few practitioners in England (even within London) were aware of the highly significant differences in approach required in international family law cases.

So what should you look for?

  1. Whilst this seems obvious, ensure the family lawyer you instruct holds sufficient and specialist family law knowledge in the issues you will face in your case. A number of family law practitioners still practise work in more than one area of law, or only deal regularly with financial cases OR children issues associated with relationship breakdown. Ideally you want a single firm with a strong and proven propensity for both of these aspects.


  1. Take a look at their website and see what information they provide. Do they write articles on current trends or contribute to the leading practitioners books in their field. Do they have a wide reach of international business contacts who can help with all aspects of your case quickly?


  1. There are also unique skills required for cases involving more complicated assets and asset structures and international dimensions (including jurisdiction questions which can be very urgent and important to assess at an early stage of the breakdown of your relationship). Have they worked on these cases before, do they specialise in your specific requirements?


  1. Do your homework, research the law firm, its reputation and its lawyers who work there. Legal directories such as The Legal 500, can be a good starting point for this or the internet as well as other professionals you have worked with who might have worked alongside family lawyers on similar matters.


  1. You must also make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with the lawyer you select. Going through relation breakdown is a very difficult and highly personal process and you need to feel confident that your lawyer will fight your corner to achieve the best possible outcome for you. When there is a good relationship between a lawyer and the client, it works far better as a team and therefore far better results are achieved.


  1. If you are undecided give them a call and ask for an initial brief chat with them to see if they are someone you could work with.


My firm The International Family Law Group LLP, is a family law practice based in Covent Garden London. As a Partner at the firm I been involved in some of England’s leading international cases which have assisted in developing the law for international families. iFLG have also recently been ranked in that it second-tier of the Legal 500 and described as ‘one of the top to firms of in an international family law in England.’ We have certainly got considerably more experience in this field than virtually any other firm in London.

As accredited specialists we receive instructions from foreign lawyers and act for clients of other law firms seeking our expert experience and have a global network of lawyers we can liaise with at short notice.

 iFLG is regularly instructed via ICACU (the operational Central Authority for England and Wales for the 1980 Hague Convention) and frequently advice other family law firms about international cases both children and finance.

If you require advice or for further information please contact Lucy Greenwood on or by telephone +44(0)20 3178 5668 alternatively you can visit  


Lucy Greenwood


The international Family Law Group LLP

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