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India is one of only a few countries where a Muslim man can divorce his wife in minutes by just saying to her three times...... "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you” - sometimes even by social media or text.

The cases in India were filed by five Muslim women who had been divorced in this way and two rights groups. A 3-2 majority verdict in the Indian Supreme Court called the practice "un-Islamic".

The Indian Parliament is also being lobbied to legislate on the issue to make the practice illegal in India (as it already now is in Bangladesh and Pakistan).

A fuller report can be seen in the BBC website

It is extremely relevant for many couples to ascertain whether their marriages and divorces are recognised (in both the  country where they married but also any other country where they might later separate). The ramifications of not confirming your marital status can otherwise have extremely severe consequences on your legal rights. iFLG can help with such enquiries and have produced an iGuide about this.  


Lucy Greenwood is a Partner at iFLG. Lucy has a very broad depth of experience and knowledge in resolving family issues having specialised exclusively in the field of family law for the last 20 years. Lucy has a particular specialism in the drafting of pre-nuptial and post–nuptial agreements having done a large number of such agreements involving many parts of the world.


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