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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about international family law issues. Here is our top 10:

  1. I have to divorce in the country where I was married.
  2. If my child's other parent refuses to allow me to relocate abroad with the children there is nothing I can do.
  3. I'm okay, my same sex marriage will be recognised across the world.
  4. My husband's foreign lawyer is dealing with the divorce and the finances and all I have to do is sign.
  5. I can buy a child from a third world country.
  6. The English courts cannot touch my assets abroad.
  7. It's not Child Abduction if I go back to my home country with our child.
  8. Marrying a British Citizen guarantees­ I can live in the UK forever.
  9. England doesn't recognise polygamy.
  10. Any lawyer is able to deal with international family law issues.


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