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Further update on online court reform bill

by Emma Chowdhury / 15 Jul, 2019

In May 2019, The International Family Law Group LLP was delighted to see the introduction of the Courts and Tribunals (Online Procedure) Bill in the House of Lords.

Access Denied?

by Emma Chowdhury / 12 Jul, 2019

Commentary on the law of ownership of property and rights of occupation when one party wants to access the marital home.

International Res Judicata: Should Australian family law provide a second bite of the cherry when the first bite abroad was unfair or inadequate?

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 08 Jul, 2019

At the 17th Australian Family Lawyers' Conference in Fiji, David Hodson presented a paper, written with Michael Allum with considerable assistance from Sarah Basso as an Australian lawyer, giving a global overview of the circumstances in which some countries will grant financial pr

Divorce forum disputes: when dual nationality may not be a possibility

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 08 Jul, 2019

As there can be dramatic financial and other differences for an international family in proceedings in one country or another, jurisdiction is fundamentally important.  It is sometimes based on nationality.  But some countries prevent citizens having nationality of more than on

Family Charters & Succession

by Lucy Greenwood / 03 Jul, 2019

On 2nd July, Partner Lucy Greenwood was invited to speak at the IBSA’s Branch Event in London on the topic of Family Charters and Succession.  

A way with words: The language of family law

by Emma Nash / 14 Jun, 2019

The words we use are important. This is especially so in the world of family law.

The interpretation and meaning attributed to certain words can influence the outcome of a specific case as well as how the law is understood by the public and implemented generally by the judiciary.

Lucy Loizou speaks at Wealth Management Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus

by Lucy Loizou / 31 May, 2019

Lucy Loizou, Partner in The International Family Law Group LLP was one of the speakers at the annual Wealth Management Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus on Thursday 30th May.   

Rumour has it Adele should have signed a pre-nuptial agreement (if she didn't)

by Lucy Greenwood / 29 May, 2019

Recently, news has emerged to suggest that the singer Adele and her husband had not signed a pre-nuptial agreement before they married and that they now reside in California (which like England is a State in the US known for its generous awards upon divorce).

iFLG set to take part in 10k The London Legal Walk to raise funds for vulnerable people needing legal support

by Helen Blackburn / 23 May, 2019

On Monday 17 June thousands of people from the legal profession will be taking part in the annual ‘London Legal Walk’, a 10km walk through central London. The aim is to raise money for the London Legal Support Trust which funds law centres and pro bono agencies in and around London which provide invaluable assistance to some of the neediest people.

English Marital Agreements & How They Can Protect Assets

by Lucy Greenwood / 14 May, 2019

‘Marital agreements’ (also known as ‘nuptial agreements’) which can be prepared pre or post marriage are becoming increasingly popular in England as a means of protecting assets in the event of divorce.

New legislation set to enable even more people to benefit from online court reform

by Emma Chowdhury / 02 May, 2019

Yesterday, 1 May 2019, the House of Lords announced new legislation that will make it even easier for court users to apply for a divorce online.

Another voice in the Marinos/Munro debate (Pierburg v Pierburg)

by Stuart Clark / 30 Apr, 2019

Stuart Clark, partner at the International Family Law Group LLP, considers the judgment of Moor J in Pierburg v Pierburg in the context of the ongoing debate as to jurisdiction for divorce in England and Wales, where habitual residence is based on indents 5 and 6 of Article 3 of Brussels II bis.

What is an Ecclesiastical Divorce and do I need one?

by Lucy Loizou / 29 Apr, 2019

Lucy Loizou, a Partner at the firm, regularly assists individuals and foreign professionals with divorce and financial cases that contain Greek and/or Cypriot elements.

No-fault divorce proposals: Support in principle but anxieties in practice

by David Hodson OBE MCIArb / 12 Apr, 2019

On Tuesday, 9 April 2019, the government announced the intention for dramatic reform of the divorce law of England and Wales, to produce a no-fault basis.  This was introduced but never implemented by Parliament in 1996.  It is desperately overdue and supported by all family lawyers.  Nevertheless beyond this headline, there are many concerns about how the process will work in practice.  So often it’s the practice rather than the law which affects people and perceptions.  This note sets out some of these initial concerns.  In particular there seems little active opportunity for prospects of reconciliation or mediation.  References to periods of reflection are thoroughly misleading and probably a sop to objectors of this reform.

Paying for Privacy?

by Stuart Clark / 12 Apr, 2019

Stuart Clark, Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP examines a recent Court of Appeal decision on privacy in family law cases and asks whether in practice anonymity is the preserve of only the very wealthy.