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Spousal Maintenance Calculator

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Spousal Income
Child Maintenance needs

This is a good starting point for working out a fair division of available income for the income needs of each spouse or civil partner. Other factors may need to be taken into account such as resources available apart from earned income.

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This calculator will help produce a starting point for resolution in the initial period after a final settlement. Specialist legal advice should always be taken. 

What is Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is ongoing, periodic maintenance payable by one spouse to the other following a divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

It can be for a short defined period, e.g. two to five years or a longer term of years e.g. until retirement and availability of pensions, or sometimes it may be for the remainder of the parties’ joint lives. It is separate to child maintenance.

Although there are formulae for the calculation of child maintenance, spousal maintenance is harder to calculate. Settlements take into account a number of factors such as standard of the marriage, age, ability to become self-sufficient and retrain, respective needs and capital division. There is a wide discretion to obtain a fair outcome.  Quite often in the immediate aftermath of separation, income needs may be similar especially once child costs are taken into account. The calculator is on this basis but needs may not be similar e.g. if mortgage or rental payments or similar are unequal. 

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