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Special Contributions on divorce following Cooper-Hohn

Stuart Clark and Jenny Green consider the law on special financial contributions on divorce following the case of Cooper-Hohn.

Thinking of varying a maintenance order?

Have you complied with the terms of the order?

Breaking and setting aside Consent Orders

In this article David Hodson OBE considers the law around breaking and setting aside consent orders made within the family court.

It includes an analysis of seting aside orders due to non disclosure, fraud and misrepresentation, new or supervening events and undue influence.

How to make and draft Consent Orders

In this article David Hodson OBE considers issues relating to the drafting and making of consent orders within the family court.

The analysis includes a definition of a consent order and what is required within it.

Can you set aside a consent order in the family court?

In this article David Hodson explores in detail the law behind whether you can break, or set aside, financial orders in the family court.

Legal Services Orders: The First Guidance from the Courts

Since 1 April 2013 the courts have had the power to order a party to pay to the other an amount to enable them to pay for legal services within certain family court proceedings. This article explores the first guidance from the courts on these applications.

Attending Court – what you need to know

Advice and information on what to expect when you attend at court.

Financial Provision: Spousal Maintenance Formula

This article proposes formulae for calculating capital distribution and spousal maintenance on divorce. It does not seek to replace or reform the law. It seeks to help some couples and lawyers make better progress to a settlement and provide more certainty and predictability. The formulae are relatively easy to operate and can be adapted to IT Web based resources.

Will I be left penniless after my divorce?

This article looks at what factors are taken into account when a divorcing couple has to separate their financial assets and also considers what the split will be and how that split is calculated.