When an application is made to the court for a financial order (known as a Form A) the court will fix a date for the first court hearing, known as the First Appointment.

Preparing for the First Appointment

At least 35 days before the date of the First Appointment, each party must exchange financial statements in Form E. At least 14 days before the FA each party must file and serve the following:

  • A concise statement of issues between the parties e.g. should the family home be sold?
  • A chronology of the history of the parties’ marriage and financial circumstances.
  • A questionnaire setting out any further information and documents required.
  • A notice which states whether the party is in a position for the First Appointment to be used as a Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearing.

Before the First Appointment the parties must both file a schedule of their legal costs. This sets out what legal costs the parties have incurred to date and what has been paid. The same form must be filed before each hearing.