This paper is the response of The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG) to the Law Commission consultation in respect of the enforcement of family court financial orders. We are pleased at this consultation which is vital because of our day to day experiences of the difficulties faced when parties refuse to comply with financial orders and enforcement is then necessary.

The International Family Law Group LLP was founded in 2007. We are a specialist family law firm looking after the interests of national and international families and their children. iFLG comprises solicitors, mediators (including qualified to directly consult with children), arbitrators, part time family court judges, and Australian qualified solicitor. We respond as a combined law firm. We act for very many international families and their children but invariably within national proceedings hence we have very considerable experience of family law finance cases and consequential enforcement issues. We have significant and frequent reference to the enforcement of financial orders in our work. None of our remarks is intended to represent the views of any organisation with which any of us are involved in any capacity whatsoever.

The primary authors are David Hodson and Michael Allum. We set out details in the Appendix.

We endeavour to follow the questions put in the consultation paper but we want to concentrate on some areas in our expertise.