More and more couples are choosing to marry abroad in exotic locations. However, you should remember that even if the wedding has been arranged by an English travel company, with an English speaking ceremony and English type vows, it is still a foreign marriage.

Here are some of the practical things to consider when marrying abroad:

  • Ensure all of the residential and other qualifications have been complied with. For example it will usually be necessary to be in the country for a certain number of days before the wedding takes place.

  • Ascertain whether the ceremony complies with the requirements of local law?

  • Find out whether the country where the wedding is taking place imposes any statutory matrimonial finance regimes such as community or separation of property or any maintenance agreements?

  • If possible try and obtain several certified copies of the marriage certificate locally at the time of the wedding as these may be needed in the future and it can be notoriously difficult to subsequently obtain from England in years to come.

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