Specialists in child law

When an adult relationship breaks down children are often caught in the middle. Thankfully, in many cases parents are able to discuss and make arrangements about their children’s care without outside help.

But if they encounter problems and disagree on certain aspects, we can give them specialist legal advice and guide them through the process of achieving a satisfactory co-parenting plan.  We understand that cases involving children need to be handled in a particularly sensitive and constructive way and, wherever possible, out of court.

There are times though when parents fail to resolve their issues and we have to ask the court to adjudicate.

It has a vast array of powers at its disposal and can make various orders covering:

  1. Regulating residence (where and with whom a child lives)
  2. Contact (when and how a child will spend time with the non-resident parent)
  3. Specific issues (determining a specific issue such as education)
  4. Prohibited steps (stopping something happening, such as taking a child away from a particular school, area, or jurisdiction)

Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of child law issues.