Taking care of children

Every family is different.  There is currently no set formula for arrangements relating to the care of children following parents’ separation.

One of the key decisions that must be made is where the children will live and how much time they will spend in the care of each parent.

If parents are unable to agree, it is possible to seek the court’s help.

It is possible to apply to the Court for what is called a 'Child Arrangements Order' and this order has two purposes. It may define with whom a child will live and when the child is to live with any person. A Child Arrangements Order may also name the person with whom a child is to spend time and when a child is to spend time with that person or otherwise have contact.  These orders until recently used to be called 'residence' and 'contact' orders. More historically orders defining with whom a child is to live were called 'custody orders', and are still called custody orders in other jurisdictions and orders formally defining how often and how long a child sees a person were previously referred to as 'access orders'.

When determining an application for a Child Arrangements Order the court‘s paramount consideration is the child’s welfare.

Our specialist team has enormous experience in advising parents with a vast range of child issues including disputes concerning with whom a child is to live and how often they are to spend time or otherwise have contact with a person.