Taking children abroad without permission

Child abduction is often carried out by a family member, usually a parent, who believes that it is the right thing to do - both for themselves and for the child.

It occurs when a child is either taken abroad without the permission of the other parent (or those who have rights of custody) or is kept abroad beyond the period for which permission has been given.

The primary law governing child abduction is the Hague Convention on the International Aspects of child abduction brought into force in England by the child abduction and Custody Act 1985.  It is a distinctive area of work even within international family law.

When child abduction has or may occur time is of the essence and speedy legal advice is vital.

We are recognised specialists in this area of law and act for parents whose children have been taken and for those who find themselves a party to child abduction proceedings.

We understand that these cases need to be handled in an especially sensitive, timely and proactive way.

Abduction and Emergency Line

Telephone +44 (0)20 8175 9222

This number should only be used in an emergency to contact iFLG.