Unmarried Couples

Unlike in some other countries, English law does not provide unmarried couples with the same sorts of financial claims against their partners that are available to married couples or those in civil partnerships.

This means separation can be a particularly uncertain time for unmarried couples.

We advise many unmarried families about their rights and entitlements on relationship breakdown, most commonly relating to property and children.

  1. In many cases issues may arise in relation to the ownership of a property. It may be that the property was jointly owned by you, or in one person’s name with you or your partner having made contributions toward it
  2. If you and your partner have a child or children then you may potentially need to pay child maintenance to your partner for the children’s benefit - or may be entitled to claim it from your partner. In some circumstances you may be able to apply to the court for financial provision, such as a property or a lump sum for the benefit of you and your child or for payment of school fees