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Civil Partnership

Ending a relationship

Dissolving a civil partnership is usually quite a simple process, especially if you and your partner agree that your relationship is over. However, difficulties may arise over the practical issues, such as where to live and the arrangements for children and financial matters.

Things can become more complicated if you have close connections to more than one country. If this is the case, you may be able to dissolve your civil partnership in more than one country too.

Deciding where to bring an application for dissolution

To start with we can tell you if you satisfy the criteria to dissolve your civil partnership in England. In some circumstances you may be able to do so in England and Wales even if you do not live here. This will depend on your own individual circumstances and your level of ongoing connection to this country.

If you do have connections elsewhere, it is important to consider the likely outcomes in those countries and assess where it is best for you, and your family, for the dissolution to take place. As well as the likely financial outcomes, there are lots of other things to take into account. We work closely with a number of lawyers across Europe, and worldwide, to ensure that clients understand where it is best to bring their application for dissolution.

Completing the dissolution process

Once you are ready, we draft all of the court documentation on your behalf, which you approve before it is lodged at court. We guide you through each step of the process - from the issuing of the application for dissolution at court, to serving the papers on your civil partner, through to the condition and final orders. Alongside the dissolution process we advise about how best to handle financial matters and resolve any issues.


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Spousal Maintenance Calculator

Our calculator is intended to produce a starting point for resolution in the initial period after a final settlement. Specialist legal advice should always be taken.

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