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Enforcement of Foreign Financial Orders

Applying international legal expertise

If you have divorced in another country it may be necessary for you to enforce a financial order in England. Alternatively, you may need to enforce an order made in England in another country.

England has a number of bilateral, multilateral and international conventions with countries around the world to allow for the reciprocal enforcement of family court orders.

You may need to enforce a foreign court order in England if a foreign financial order provided for:

  • An English property to be transferred to you
  • A payment of a lump sum and the person due to pay this to you lives or works in England or has assets here
  • A pension sharing order of a UK pension
  • A payment of maintenance to you (or your children) and the person due to pay this to you lives or works in England or has assets here

This is a complex and technical area of the law and it is important that you take specialist legal advice. We are often instructed by foreign lawyers on behalf of their clients before foreign orders are made to ensure that they can be enforced in England.

The method of enforcement will depend on the type of order being enforced and the country where the order was made. The arrangements for the enforcement of orders vary hugely from one country to another.

We can advise and act for you in relation to any enforcement proceedings. If you need to enforce an order abroad we are able to provide you with details of specialist family lawyers outside of England.


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