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Family Arbitration

A ruling made out of court

Family arbitration was launched in England in early 2012.  David Hodson of iFLG was a founder and one of the first Family Law Arbitrators.

Arbitration recognises that there are times when people reach an impasse or logjam that mediation, lawyer negotiation and similar approaches cannot overcome. There needs to be a resolution of the dispute - yet it need not be within a court.

Family arbitration is an out of court resolution and adjudication process.  It occurs outside of the court building, is entirely private and there is considerable flexibility within the arbitration process itself. The arbitrator is chosen by the parties involved and their lawyers and can adjudicate on a discrete issue or a wider dispute.


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Arbitration in English law

This briefing note accompanies the launch on 22 February, 2012 of a family law arbitration scheme in England and Wales, of which David Hodson was one of the founders and in the first group of qualified arbitrators. The briefing note looks at the background to the scheme, the many benefits of arbitration and information about the arbitration procedure.

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