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Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Reaching agreement out of court


There are various forms of dispute resolution which help parties resolve family disagreements without the need to go to Court. 

We offer a wide variety of methods of resolving family disputes which include:

  • Directive mediation with lawyers present in the mediation process if necessary
  • Directive mediation with the involvement of children
  • Specialist mediation for cross border children cases against the backdrop of child abduction or prospective child relocation
  • Collaborative law
  • Family arbitration
  • Early neutral valuation

We assist our client in exploring all possible ways of resolving disputes.  We recognise that different forms of dispute resolution are appropriate for different families and different types of dispute.  Our specialist mediation service was recognised in the Family Law awards 2013 when Denise Carter OBE who heads the iFLG mediation service was award ADR Practitioner of the Year.


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Mediation helps parents, couples and others discuss and explore ways of resolving disputes in the best interests of their family.

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Family arbitration involves out of court resolution and adjudication by a qualified Family Law Arbitrator.

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Collaborative Law helps you negotiate a settlement without going to court and is conducted by way of a series of 4 way meetings with you, your partner and your respective 'collaborative' lawyers.

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Early neutral evaluation, sometimes known as private judging, can help couples and parents settle a case out of court


Arbitration in English law

This briefing note accompanies the launch on 22 February, 2012 of a family law arbitration scheme in England and Wales, of which David Hodson was one of the founders and in the first group of qualified arbitrators. The briefing note looks at the background to the scheme, the many benefits of arbitration and information about the arbitration procedure.

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