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Financial Provision after a Foreign Divorce

Applying to the English court

If you and your husband or wife have divorced outside of England and Wales it may be possible for you to apply to the English court for a financial order to be made here.

Whether you will be entitled to bring an application, and the level of award that you might receive, will depend on the individual circumstances of your case.

In some cases the court may make orders as though the divorce itself took place in England. In other cases the courts may just make orders in relation to specific English assets, such as a property or a pension.

Some of the factors that the court take into account are:

  • The level of connection that you have to England and Wales
  • The country in which the divorce took place
  • The financial outcome of the foreign divorce proceedings
  • The extent to which that financial order has been complied with

Whatever your personal circumstances, we can advise you whether you may be entitled to apply for a financial order to be made in an English court.


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