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Financial Provision for Children

Claiming Child Support

The importance and significance of child support cannot be under estimated where there has been a breakdown of a relationship between parents.

Until 1991 the only way you could obtain financial support for a child was through an application to the court.  Since then the position has almost entirely changed.

The Child Support Act 1991 introduced a system where the ability to claim child support was removed from the courts and instead vested in the Child Support Agency (CSA). The CSA is now almost entirely responsible for the enforcement and collection of child maintenance.

However, in some cases the CSA does not have the power to deal with child maintenance and therefore applications to the court may still be necessary.  This could be where the absent parent lives abroad, has a high level of income which is above a specific level, or where you are seeking a contribution to school fees.

We always aim to settle your case out of court first, amicably with the other parent, but if court proceedings are required then we are able to advise and help you with this process.


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Financial provision for the children of unmarried couples

When a married couple divorce in England, the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 provides a wide range of financial provision for the spouses.  Where an unmarried couple have a child together, the parent with care may have to seek financial provision for the child under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.  

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