This calculator will help produce a starting point for resolution of divorce and civil partnership dissolution financial claims and to assist a settlement on capital aspects. Specialist legal advice should  be taken. 

What does the law say? 

In summary, all assets acquired during the marriage (including assets acquired during pre-marital cohabitation as if married) are shared equally. In certain circumstances there may be an unequal division for fairness reasons. Invariably this is to provide for the additional needs of one spouse, and in particular the primary carer for any children. All other assets, non-marital assets, are not shared at all unless, again, required for fairness reasons, primarily the needs of one spouse. 

Sometimes nonmarital assets are mixed and mingled with marital assets and therefore may become marital assets themselves and subject to the starting point of automatic equal division.  Sometimes nonmarital assets grow in value during a marriage, without any specific involvement of either spouse e.g., through market forces, and this passive growth may sometimes be treated as a marital asset.  

This calculator specifically does not include pension assets which are treated quite separately and less dependent on the sharing and needs provision. It does not include business assets and interests which although dealt with by being shared, if they are marital, have distinctive elements. Specialist legal advice should be taken in respect of these categories of assets.

Gifts, inheritances and some post-separation assets which have not been mixed with marital assets nor used for matial purposes are often treated as non-marital.