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When a Marital Contribution Becomes Special; The case of XW v XH [2017] EWFC 76

by Michael Allum and Rachel Roberts


Over 10 days in June 2017 Mr Justice Baker heard an application made by the wife for a financial order.  Judgment was handed down to the parties six months later in December 2017, but was not made public until mid-June owing to reporting restrictions. 

When young love comes to an end; arranging the finances after a short marriage or civil partnership

Stuart Clark, associate solicitor at The International Family Law Group LLP, discusses practical points to consider when separating after a short marriage or civil partnership.

Partner Lucy Greenwood speaks at the World Bank in Washington to members of the FIGT Affiliate Group

Following on from her presentation at the Families In Global Transistion (FIGT) 20th Annual Conference in Amsterdam this Spring, Lucy Greenwood was delighted to be invited to speak to members of the newly relaunched Washington DC FIGT Affiliate Group at the World Bank in Washington DC on 4 June. The talk was partnered by World Bank Family Network.

Changes to Forms A and A1 from 4 June 2018

New Forms A and A1 were launched yesterday, 4 June 2018, to cater for the changes to the Family Procedure Rules 2010 introduced and in place also from yesterday pursuant to the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2018. All applications lodged at court from 4 June 2018 onwards must be on the new forms and the old forms will no longer be accepted.

Ensuring Just Outcomes in Marital Agreements

There are many potential benefits to pre-marital and post-marital agreements which are often referred to as pre-nups and post-nups. They can reduce uncertainty, promote autonomy and they can often successfully address the division of property and sometimes spousal maintenance in the event of marital break down. The question is, do these benefits sometimes come at the expense of justice?

Villiers: Divorce and Financial applications involving England and Scotland

Stuart Clark, associate solicitor at The International Family Law Group LLP, discusses the outcome in Villiers and the impact on divorce and financial proceedings taking place in England and Scotland .

David Hodson presented to European Parliament on “Brexit and Family Law”


Yesterday, May 16th 2018, David Hodson, partner of iFLG spoke at the European Parliament on family law and Brexit. More details of the event are here

Ending the Blame Game - What is “no fault divorce”?

On 17 May 2018, the Supreme Court (being the highest Court in England & Wales) is due consider the wife's appeal against the Court of Appeal judgment in the divorce case of Owens v Owens. The case made headline news last year as a result of both the High Court and the Court of Appeal refusing to grant Mrs Owens a divorce.

Marriage vs Cohabitation; Financial and legal consequences upon separation in England

Lucy Greenwood, Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP (IFLG) sets out some of significant and commonly misunderstood differences in the financial legal rights of married and unmarried couples.

For these purposes, the term married couples includes couples in Civil Partnerships.


Non-disclosure and breach of Court Orders: How an 83 year old millionaire of ‘good character’ ended up in prison

A family court can sentence someone to prison for contempt of court.  This can occur where there has been wilful disrespect of legal authorities or where a party has failed to comply with a court order.  Although family proceedings are in the family court and not in the criminal court, this does not absolve parties from criminal culpability and sanctions.