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One of iFLG’s aims is to make the law more accessible and easier to understand. We regularly produce information guides (iGuides), articles, podcasts and responses to government papers on all issues surrounding relationship breakdown and children.

We want to keep our clients up to date with the latest developments in family law both in the UK and internationally. We also produce information and practice notes for family lawyers here and around the world.

All our written content is in downloadable pdf formats for you to take away and read anytime you like.

If you would like to know more about any of the issues raised or require further assistance do get in touch with one expert lawyers by emailing or calling 0203 178 5668.

Can you set aside a consent order in the family court?

In this article David Hodson explores in detail the law behind whether you can break, or set aside, financial orders in the family court.

Financial Provision: Spousal Maintenance Formula

This article proposes formulae for calculating capital distribution and spousal maintenance on divorce. It does not seek to replace or reform the law. It seeks to help some couples and lawyers make better progress to a settlement and provide more certainty and predictability. The formulae are relatively easy to operate and can be adapted to IT Web based resources.

Radmacher v Granatino: judicial status of pre-marriage agreements

David Hodson explains the important Court of Appeal decision of Radmacher, giving much greater importance under English law to pre-marriage and other domestic agreements including when it would have been binding on the couple in their own home countries

The Family Law Show: Programme 12 - Achieving Divorce Amicably

This programme gives an overview on achieving divorce amicably and gives guidance to viewers about the key considerations in this area of the law

How to make and draft Consent Orders

In this article David Hodson OBE considers issues relating to the drafting and making of consent orders within the family court.

The analysis includes a definition of a consent order and what is required within it.

The Family Law Show: Programme 11 - Adoption

Lucy Loizou is joined by fellow Partner, Helen Blackburn, giving an overview of adoption and guidance to viewers about the key considerations in this area of the law

The Family Law Show: Programme 9 - General Principles for Child Relocation after Relationship Breakdown

Lucy Loizou and Ann Thomas offer guidance to parents who are thinking about permanently relocating abroad with their child/children

The Family Law Show: Programme 6 - Unmarried Couples

Stuart Clark and Lucy Loizou discuss the rights of unmarried couples and their children

The Family Law Show: Programme 8 - Child Support System within the UK

Lucy Loizou and Katie Harris discuss issues around child support and maintenance

The Family Law Show: Programme 5 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lucy Loizou and Denise Carter OBE discuss alternative methods of resolving family disputes without the need of going to Court

The Family Law Show: Programme 1 - Divorce - The Basics

Lucy Loizou interviews Lucy Greenwood about the divorce process in England and Wales, and Lucy Loizou explains the importance and procedure of obtaining a divorce in the Ecclesiastical Court (the Greek Orthodox Church) following an English civil divorce

Podcast: Minimise Risk of a Child Abduction

Ann Thomas speaks on what steps can be taken to minimise the risk of a child abduction.

Podcast: Family Cases with an International Dimension

David Hodson speaks on family cases with an international dimension. For a lawyer dealing primarily with purely national cases, it can be rather a shock when a case arrives with an international element. What should the practitioner be alert to and what issues should be looked at?

Podcast: Financial Outcomes on Marriage Breakdown

David Hodson speaks on what is the law in England on financial outcomes on marriage breakdown. It has been the subject of two major House of Lords decisions and numerous Court of Appeal and High Court reported cases in the past six years. Yet many practitioners in England and abroad are confused by what is the state of the law. One thing is certain, looking to statute law will not provide an answer!

Podcast: Child Relocation

Ann Thomas speaks on child relocation, an application to take a child permanently abroad.